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Vue aérienne du musée

What is there to see ?

Vieux-la-Romaine combines archaeological sites and a museum.

The sites were first discovered in the 17th century and research has been going on since.

The museum

Archaeological finds reveal life in Aregenua, the Roman capital city of the Viducasse territory, and its transformation into a Medieval village. Immerse yourself in the day to day activities of its inhabitants, through the luxurious surroundings of upper-class families, craftsmen's tools, toys, tableware...

The museum ® Arnaud Poirier

The on-going excavation of the forum

Expression of Roman power and culture, the forum , a public square with administrative buildings, galeries, shops and temple, was the economical, political and religious heart of both the town and territory. Since 2008, archaeologists have been excavating the administrative buildings and have brought to light an exceptionally well preserved curia, the prestigious building housing the "local council ». This curia is the only visible example with preserved graded seats in Gaul! Our guides will present the excavated remains and will explain how the archaeologists work.

On-going excavation of the forum ® Service archéologie

The Gallo-Roman houses

Two restored houses are on display: the Grand Peristyle House , the luxury home of a prominent personality in the upper-class forum district, and the U-shaped Courtyard House , much smaller, in a craftwork and shopping district. Through both the architecture and decor, together with the objects found in these houses now displayed in the museum, you will catch more than a glimpse of day to day life in a Roman town and its social organisation.

The Grand Peristyle House ® Arnaud Poirier

Imagine yourself in Aregenua 2000 years ago!

Discover these new 3D visits and explore Vieux-la-Romaine’s restored sites: the U-shaped Courtyard House, the Grand Peristyle House and the on-going excavation of the forum.
Step back in time in one click!

Two town houses in 3D

You will be able to discover the outside of the Grand Peristyle House and explore the various spaces within it. Step into this rich Gallo-Roman residence: enjoy the garden surrounded by its peristyle gallery, enter the mosaic paved reception room, discover the master's office or walk into the kitchen. Step by step, Gallo-Roman lifestyle is revealed through photos, drawings, plans or reproductions.

Discover a smaller Gallo-Roman house, the U-shaped Courtyard House, located on the outskirts of the town of Aregenua. Two hypotheses for a specific feature in the courtyard behind this house are presented - with either a cellar or a water cistern. Which do you think is most plausible?

                    Grand Peristyle House
 U-shaped Courtyard House

A panoramic view of archaeological sites 

Enjoy your excursion to the U-shaped Courtyard House as if you were there for real, thanks to the new 360° visit. You will soon know all the secrets of its restoration!

Immerse yourself in the excavation of the forum: just a few clicks and you will get a bird’s eye view of this exceptional site.

  360° view of the forum

We wish you a pleasant journey through time starting from an aerial view of the capital town Aregenua  as it was in Gallo-Roman times. These visits are subtitled in English.