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Vue aérienne du musée

Several ways to visit

Make your choice among the various options below:

Visite du forum en groupe
Guided visit of the forum / ® Greg Wait

Visits for associations, clubs, groups of friends: guided tours can be booked all year round.
 25 persons max
 Price : 80 euros + 3 euros per person (reduced rate)


After a friendly welcome at the museum, you will be guided through a tour of the forum site and the two Roman houses. Back at the museum, our guide will give you an overall introduction to the collections and will remain available to answer any questions as you visit the galeries.
 25 persons max
 Duration : 2 h
 Price : 200 euros


Full menu

Archaeology, history, heritage lovers or simply for curious minds, this is the perfect programme for you. Your guide will fully comment the museum collections, the forum site excavation and the two Roman houses. Should you wish to take a break or discuss what you discover, we invite you to a coffee or a fruit juice before you continue your visit.
 25 persons max
 Duration : 3 h
 Price : 250 euros


Teurgoule Afternoon Tea

Select a guided visit among the following: the museum and its collections, the restored Roman sites (Grand Peristyle House and U-shaped Courtyard House) or the forum excavation. We then invite you to a traditional Norman « high tea »: teurgoule (oven-baked rice with cinnamon) with a cup of tea or coffee, a glass of fruit juice or cider.
After this friendly break, if you have chosen a tour of the sites, your guide will then give you an overall introduction to the museum before allowing  you to  discover the galeries at your leisure. If you have chosen the tour of the collections, your guide will then give you an introduction to the restored sites before you discover them at your own pace.

 25 persons max
 Duration : 2 h 30
 Price : 300 euros


If you enjoy walking...

Around Vieux, a few kilometres away from Caen, lies a land rich in history offering a pleasant and instructive walk between the Roman town of Aregenua and industrial archaeology evidence of mining at May-sur-Orne. You will discover a variety of landscapes composed of cereal plains and bocage valleys, plants, the history of the Guigne windmills, castles, churches, boroughs... 
The complete loop is about 13 km long. Some shortcuts allow for 2-, 5-, 6- or 7-km loops, at your choice. Twenty-six observation stages have been selected, with panels presenting information on the numerous points of interest.
This walk itinerary is available on demand at the musem reception desk.